Quick Monitor Calibration Check.

This workshop will show you a quick way to ensure your monitor Brightness and Contrast are set correctly.

If you have already had your monitor profiled by any type of profiling software please ignore this workshop. Do not make any changes to your monitor.

This is only a quick test to check the Brightness and Contrast of your monitor screen, this test does not include colour calibration. To achieve the best possible results from your monitor I would recommend that you have your monitor calibrated by the clubs "eye-one" calibration system. Please contact one of the clubs colour management members who can carry out this task for you.

Please note: It would be beneficial to read the complete workshop before you attempt to follow the procedure. If you would like a print out to read, please follow the links at the end of this workshop.

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The first thing you should do before carrying out any monitor calibration is to ensure that your monitor is in a suitable viewing position, by this I mean not facing directly into a window, making sure there are no strong reflections on the screen from ambient lighting or sunlight. Any of these conditions may cause images on the screen to look faded or lacking in contrast.

Before you continue with this workshop I would recommend that you enter the menu on your monitor and make a note of the Brightness and Contrast settings that your monitor is currently set at. If you are unhappy with the results at the end of this test you can return your monitor to your current settings.

Below is a greyscale graded wedge. Under your normal lighting conditions you should be able to see a total a 21 graded steps, ranging from 100% Black on the far left to pure White on the far right. If you can see 21 steps the brightness and contrast of your monitor are set at there optimum positions.



If you are unable to see the 21 graded steps you will need to adjust your monitor’s Brightness and Contrast.
As I recommended early, please now make a note of your monitor’s current Brightness and contrast settings before you continue.
To adjust the Brightness and Contrast, access your monitors menu. You may need to Scroll your page up or down so your monitor menu does not obscure the Greyscale wedge image. Firstly set the contrast to 100%. Next adjust the Brightness control on your monitor until the Black and the Very Dark Grey (95% Black) wedges can be distinguished from each other, but not over adjusting so that the White and the Very Light Grey (5% Black) burn out or blend into each other. You may need to decrease the contrast by small increments and then repeat the brightness adjustment process to active the optimum settings your monitor is capable of producing.

If you are unable to achieve a setting where you can see 21 graded wedges you will have to accept the best setting where you can distinguish between most of the wedges.

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