Create a drop shadow within your borders.

In this workshop, we will take, adding borders onto a further stage, by creating a drop shadow, to give the border some depth.

Please note: It would be beneficial to read the complete workshop before you attempt to follow the procedure. If you would like a print out to read, please follow the links at the end of this workshop.

Before attempting this workshop, please read and follow my other workshop on, “Single coloured border around your image”. This will help you to find, and understand the tools and palettes we are going to use in this workshop.

Note: The image I am working on in this workshop is 280mm wide by 180mm high. You may need to adjust the values to create the same effect, depending on the size of your image.

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This is my start image. "Woodland Walk"

Step 1: Create the first border around the image by going to Image>Canvas Size. In the canvas size palette make sure the relative box is ticked, then input the values of 2mm width and 2mm height, set the colour to black. Click OK. This will give us a 1mm black border all around the image, in black.

Step 2: Create a second border by going to Image>Canvas Size. Enter the values 10mm width and 10mm height, set colour to white. Click OK. This will give us a 5mm border all around the image, in white.

Step 3: Double click on the blue area of the “background” layer in the layers palette.

The new layer palette will appear. Accept the “layer 0” name by clicking OK. This has renamed the background layer into “layer 0”. It is now an independent layer and can be moved anywhere in the layer stack, (all will come clear later).

Step 4: Create a new layer by clicking on the “create a new layer” icon at the base of the layers palette.

This creates a new layer and makes it active. A layer is active when shown in blue.

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