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Step 5: With the new layer (layer 1) active go to Image>Canvas Size, input the values 2mm width and 2mm height. Tick the relative box. Also you will notice the “canvas extension” box is greyed out and we are unable to select a colour. This is not a problem, just click OK to select the new canvas size.

You will notice now that the image size is larger, but we have a transparent (chequered layer) showing around the image.

Step 6: With “layer 1” active (shown in blue), move your cursor over the blue area of “layer 1” in the layers palette. The cursor will change into a “hand”. Click and hold down the left mouse button and drag “layer 1” down, under “layer 0”. This has changed the layer order, “layer 0” is now on top of “layer 1”. If we had not renamed the “background” layer earlier in this workshop we would not have been able to do this. The background layer would have been stuck at the base of the layer stack.

Step 7: Click on the default foreground and background colours icon. This will set the foreground colour to black, and the background colour to white.

Step 8: Next click on the paint bucket tool located in the middle of the tool palette. If you are unable to see the paint bucket tool, it will be hidden under the gradient tool. To select the hidden paint bucket, click and hold down your left hand mouse button on the small black triangle in the bottom right hand corner of the gradient tool. This will show the flyout menu. Click on the paint bucket tool to select it.

Step 9: Now with “layer 1” active (shown in blue), click the paint bucket cursor in the image to fill the layer with black. Notice now you have a thin black border line around the very outer edge of the image.

Step 10: Click on “layer 0” in the layers palette to make it active. It should now be shown in blue.

Step 11: Place your cursor over the thumbnail of the image in “layer 0” in the layers palette. Now by holding down the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and at the same time clicking your mouse button over the “layer 0” thumbnail image, you will select everything on that layer. This will be shown by the marching ants.

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